Maximize your sponsorship value and fan engagement with co-branded and promotional product opportunities. Expand brand reach, create unique fan experiences, and build strong sponsor relationships. Generate additional revenue while enhancing the overall success of your sports team.

Membership Cards

A membership or VIP card can be used at the sponsor's store to provide exclusive discounts to cardholders. By presenting the card at the store, cardholders can enjoy special pricing and offers tailored specifically for them. This enhances the sponsor's brand exposure and drives foot traffic to their store. Additionally, the program provides valuable data and analytics for sponsors to refine marketing strategies and personalize future offers. Using the membership card at the sponsor's store creates a mutually beneficial partnership where fans receive unique benefits, and sponsors enjoy increased sales and customer engagement.

Bingo Cards

Looking for a great way to get your sponsors involved? Our BINGO cards offer two perforated coupons. These are the perfect opportunity for sponsors to drive traffic to their business, or to get fans flooding to your team store! Fans mark off squares by following action in the game, and the cards provided are randomized to be unique. Choose any sport, and get your custom BINGO cards today!

Custom Kits

Custom kits provide sponsors with a myriad of opportunities to maximize their brand exposure. Sponsors can showcase their branding on both the products within the kit and the box itself, allowing for comprehensive visibility. These kits are perfect for various occasions such as Kids Clubs, Themed Event Nights, Birthday Parties, and Season Ticket Holder perks. Additionally, they serve as a fantastic means to make sponsors feel like VIPs by sending them a personalized box filled with exclusive team memorabilia, expressing gratitude for their support and partnership.

Why Offer promotional products to sponsors?

Offering co-branded and promotional product opportunities to sponsors can bring numerous benefits to a sports team. Here's why it's advantageous:

  1. Enhanced Sponsorship Value: Co-branded and promotional product opportunities provide an additional layer of value to sponsors. By offering them the chance to collaborate on products and campaigns, the team demonstrates its commitment to a mutually beneficial partnership. Sponsors can leverage the team's brand equity and fan base to increase their brand exposure, engage with a passionate audience, and enhance their own marketing efforts.
  2. Extended Brand Reach: Co-branded and promotional products serve as tangible marketing tools that carry both the team's and the sponsor's brand. When fans use or display these products, they become walking advertisements, spreading the reach of both brands beyond the stadium or event. This increased brand exposure can lead to new customer acquisition and heightened brand recognition for sponsors, benefiting their overall marketing objectives.
  3. Fan Engagement and Loyalty: Co-branded and promotional products provide fans with unique and valuable merchandise that showcases the partnership between the team and its sponsors. These offerings can create excitement and foster a sense of exclusivity among fans, increasing their engagement and loyalty. When fans feel a connection to both the team and the sponsor, they are more likely to support both entities and develop a positive affinity towards the sponsor's brand.
  4. Experiential Marketing Opportunities: Co-branded and promotional products can be integrated into experiential marketing initiatives, such as fan contests, giveaways, or special events. Sponsors can collaborate with the team to create memorable experiences that involve the use or distribution of these products. This interactive and immersive approach not only strengthens the sponsor's brand presence but also enhances the overall fan experience, resulting in a deeper and more meaningful connection.
  5. Relationship Building with Sponsors: Offering co-branded and promotional product opportunities demonstrates the team's commitment to its sponsors' success. It shows that the team values the relationship beyond traditional sponsorship benefits and is willing to collaborate on joint marketing initiatives. This strengthens the bond between the team and its sponsors, fostering long-term partnerships, and potentially leading to increased sponsorship renewals and expanded investment.
  6. Revenue Generation: Co-branded and promotional products can be a source of additional revenue for the team. By offering these opportunities to sponsors, the team can negotiate financial arrangements that provide a return on investment for both parties. This revenue stream can supplement other sponsorship revenues and contribute to the financial stability and growth of the team.

Offering co-branded and promotional product opportunities to sponsors benefits a sports team by enhancing sponsorship value, extending brand reach, increasing fan engagement and loyalty, providing experiential marketing opportunities, building strong relationships with sponsors, and generating additional revenue. These advantages contribute to the team's overall success, the sponsors' marketing objectives, and the fan experience.

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