Postcard Mailings


Postcards are physical, tangible items that fans can hold and interact with. Unlike digital advertisements that can easily be ignored or forgotten, postcards have a physical presence that captures attention. They create a personal connection with recipients, as they can hold the postcard, display it, or even share it with others.

Postcard mailings provide sports teams with a tangible, targeted, and cost-effective marketing tool. They offer high visibility, personalized communication, and versatility, making them an effective way to promote the team, engage fans, and generate interest in upcoming events. Incorporating postcards into the team's marketing strategy can strengthen the connection with fans and boost overall brand awareness.

Minimum Order Quantity: 200


  • Mail delivers 70% more brand recall than digital
  • 57% of Millennials have made purchases based on direct mail
  • 94% of all mail is opened, read or filed.


We probably don't need to explain this one. Whatever size, paper type, shape, or coating you need we can probably handle it. :)

A BigMag™ Magnetic Mailer offers an innovative way to extend the viewability of your direct mail from a few seconds to a few weeks, months or even years. BigMags add a lightweight magnet strip to the back of a custom-printed postcard, turning your postcard into a magnet that can stick on fridge doors and file cabinets instead of getting lost in a drawer or tossed in the trash.

Laminated Postcards add appeal and value to any direct mail campaign because it’s really like getting two promotions in one. First there’s the postcard that provides plenty of room for the marketing message, QR Codes and contact information. Second is the magnet, which can give the postcard a different look and feel from everything else in the mailbox. That helps your message stand out to be seen and read immediately.

Tipped Magnet Mailer Postcards offer the same features as our Laminated Postcards, with one exception: We use a special backing that will affix a promotional magnet to a postcard without lamination. The magnet can be easily removed but will not come off in the mail. That means Tipped Magnet mailings are USPS automation approved.


Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) from Team Magnet adds the value of a magnetic postcard, while subtracting the need for a mailing list. That means your EDDM postcard can be delivered to every address in your service area, and then wind up on fridge doors and file cabinets. You get to extend the impact and lifespan of your marketing message and avoid being lost or forgotten in the drawer or trashcan, all without the cost of a mailing list.

A saturation mailing allows the delivery of your direct mail message to an entire ZIP Code or carrier route. Team Magnet can map out the specific carrier routes you need, and provide real-time mail counts before anything is printed. Plus, every mail piece is personalized with their name and address to ensure delivery at the lowest postage rates possible.

A targeted mailing can allow you to reach a specific group or consumers or businesses based on such categories as household income, age, address, buying history and other demographic, behavioral or purchasing patterns. This is the perfect campaign if you have a message that has more of a niche or exclusive feel, or one that will primarily appeal to a certain type of audience.


At Team Magnet, all of our mailing services are available as a turnkey solution. That means we can manage all of the complicated list work that will make or break campaign results. From data mapping and list ordering to list processing, addressing and mailing, we can handle it all. These benefits may not be provided by other 3rd party mailing providers. Plus, with Team Magnet:

  • We provide faster turnaround - going from postcard printing to mailing services is seamless without any delays. That means we can mail in 4 days or less
  • We cut out the costs and hassles of having postcards shipped to you or other mailing service providers
  • You don't have to coordinate and manage third party mail houses - one call to us can answer all your mailing questions
  • We will focus on getting the best postal rates possible